UML-MAST for Rose

Installation and Uninstallation Instructions

UML-MAST for Rose version 0.9

Installation and unistallation instructions

UML-MAST for Rose is distributed in any of two ways, in a CD or in a zip file downloaded from the UML-MAST home page. The CD has an autorun configured to automatically call the setup.bat script which installs the product. If autorun is disable in your platform, just execute setup.bat from the CD root directory.

If you download the file, simply uncompress it in a temporary directory and from that directory execute the script setup.bat, double-click on it or call it from an MS-DOS command interpreter window.

Setup.bat will chose another script adapted to be executed on one of these two platforms: Windows_NT or Windows 95. This is done by checking the value of the environment variable "OS".

The actual setup is a compiled BasicScript small program interpreted by Rational Rose, for this reason the command script will execute rose with the setup.ebx file as input argument.

If you are working with any version of Windows_NT things should go fine.

If you use Windows 95 there is a limitations in the number of blank spaces that may appear in the path of your working rose.exe file. It must not be grater than 7 and can not be two or more blank spaces contiguous. If you are in this (let's say not very frequent) case you should call your install rose.exe file with setup.ebx as input parameter from the rose\mast\install subdirectory of the distribution CD or your temporary extraction folder writing its complete path-name from a MS-DOS command interpreter window, you will maybe have to double-quote the rose.exe path-name.

The installation program procedure is simple, it just copies the mast directory tree in the rose.exe installation directory, adds some lines to the rose.mnu file and inserts a key-value pair in the registry.

To uninstall UML-MAST extensions from your Rose working version, you can use the "Uninstall UML-MAST for Rose" entry in the Tools/UML_MAST_Tools menu option or execute the usetup.bat command script from the mast\install subdirectory in the rose.exe installation directory.
(for example c:\Program Files\Rational\Rose\mast\install )

Usetup.bat also calls diferent scripts for windows NT an windows 95 so if you are in the case described above you will have to call your install rose.exe file with usetup.ebx as input parameter from the mast\install subdirectory in the rose.exe installation directory writing the rose.exe complete path-name followed by setup.ebx in a MS-DOS command interpreter window, (you will maybe have to use double quotation marks).

Thanks for using UML-MAST.

If you have any comment or suggestion about this tool, please feel free of
getting in contact with us.

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Grupo de Computadores y Tiempo-Real
Departamento de Electrónica y Computadores
Universidad de Cantabria - Spain